4/03/2006 Add a comment

Is it me, or does this look like a better dunk contest than the NBA dunk contest? (With the exception of my man, Andre Iguodala, the pride of Springfield, Illinois, who was robbed this year when Nate Robinson had 30 or so attempts to nail a dunk.)

I have a theory here... a college dunk contest is better because the pool of eligible contestants is so vast that there are likely to be better dunkers, even among players who aren't nearly that good basketball players. The NBA dunk contest is hampered by the fact that the pool of players is smaller and they are generally more all-around basketball players. NBA players generally have to shoot well and/or defend, whereas the talent level in the collegiate ranks means that some people who are primarily athletic dunkers have a better shot at making rosters.

Anyway, if only James White had had another attempt or two. Also, the first dunk by the guy from Western Kentucky was just sick. William