3/18/2006 Add a comment

Ben, your Netflix mention reminded me about this story from a month ago. Netflix punishes frequent renters (or those trying to game the system) but pushing them to the back of the queue.

Also, how are you doing on your bracket? After the first round, I had 25 out of 32 predicted correctly. Best predicted upset: Wisconsin-Milwaukee (11) beating Oklahoma (6). Only two Sweet 16 picks lost in the first round (Southern Illinois and Syracuse -- sentimental reasons for SIU and Syracuse was because of Gerry McNamara's miracle run through the Big East tourney). William


  1. Blogger ben: yeah, we got "throttled" to the back of the DVD line last month. we were watching too many movies.

    I think i had only 22/32 in the first round. But I did pick A&M over 'Cuse. If SD St. had hung on against Indiana and Pacific took out BC in double OT, my first round would have looked much better.

    I've got 'Nova over Texas in the finals, so if that happens I'm still in good shape, but I lost UNC yesterday, one of my final four teams. All in all, I don't have a very good chance of winning. But then again, I've never won a pool in my whole life.