3/26/2006 Add a comment

Heat Vision & Jack: "The Eyes of Paragon"

The 30 minute pilot is about an astronaut (played by Jack Black) with a medical secret who is on the run from the evil Ron Silver and the rest of NASA, with the help of a talking motorcycle called Heat Vision (voiced by Owen Wilson).



  1. Blogger William: Hilarious. Damn shame it didn't make it past pilot stage. Also, on iTunes these day is a vodcast (is that the word for video podcasts?) with Jack Black vlogging from the set of his upcoming movie Nacho Libre. Pretty good, low-cost way to build buzz for his summer movie about Mexican wrestlers. 3/27/2006  
  2. Blogger ben: This is legendary samizdat t.v. Thanks for finding it, Sam! I wonder how wasted these guys were when they came up with it.

    Who knows what the world would look like if this was picked up by the networks. Maybe all the output of the Stiller/Wilson Bros/Jack Black never would have happened.

    Sadly, it appears rumors of them turning this into a movie are unfounded.