snap culture: February 2006

  1. What a great idea William, 2/28/2006 0 comments
  2. crisis averted ben, 2/24/2006 0 comments
  3. Rock the web like a vandal William, 2/22/2006 0 comments
  4. The Simmons of Old William, 2/21/2006 0 comments
  5. FIGJAM ben, 2/12/2006 4 comments
  6. time travel is nobody's business but ours ben, 2/11/2006 1 comments
  7. But I saw the pilot do it! William, 2/10/2006 0 comments
  8. In honor of Kanye's Grammy snub... William, 2/09/2006 0 comments
  9. Counting on art William, 2/07/2006 0 comments
  10. helping the government fight privacy ben, 2/02/2006 1 comments
  11. Will probably missed this too ben, 2/02/2006 0 comments
  12. Maybe it's not official, official... William, 2/01/2006 2 comments

2/28/2006 Add a comment

The Baseball Card Blog. (Link from the Sports Guy's intern.) William


2/24/2006 Add a comment

From EW: A helpful primer on how to tell Sasha Cohen from Sacha Baron Cohen:

(Thanks for the link, Meghan!) ben


2/22/2006 Add a comment

Vanilla Ice chats with the Washington Post audience. Best tidbit: Ron Jeremy helped him deal with his place in the pop-fame continuum. William


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A couple of great stories in the Sports Guy's report from the "Black Super Bowl," aka the NBA All-Star game. William


2/12/2006 Add a comment

The ten most hated athletes in sports, according to GQ magazine. I particularly like the nickname for Phil Mickelson, as does my buddy Chan, who sent me the link (thanks). I also like Kurt Busch's toast to NASCAR, and the description of one of the top bass fishermen as a "Basshole".

Who else would you put on this list? ben


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  2. Blogger William: Hey open365dayz, his name is BEN. fuck you, thrifty rental car, though your competitive prices make you so irresistable! 2/15/2006  
  3. Anonymous Anonymous: Hey #BEN#, I think they're being unfair to Bonzi Wells. Anyone who spits on Danny Ferry can't be that bad.

    Oh, and I'm renting a car this weekend, and, just because of that comment, I'm glad that I'm renting from Budget and not Thrifty.
  4. Blogger William: Now that I re-read his post, it seems that Thrifty Rental Car is linking to Snap Culture! Have we hit the big time? Why is our little bloggy thing something that Thrifty Rental Car would want to link to? Have we waxed poetically on low rental prices before? I hope open365dayz comes back and enlightens us. 2/17/2006  

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Brokeback to the Future.

Also, an early Jack Nicholson uplifting romantic comedy, The Shining. ben


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Does this mean we can use personal electronic devices during takeoff and landing? William


2/09/2006 Add a comment

...a semi-decent Gold Digger parody. My question is why would the college women in this video want to be in it? William


2/07/2006 Add a comment

The FT's (and Slate's) undercover economist, Tim Harford, shows how very simple mathematics can prove that Picasso is the greatest artist of the 20th Century. If you aren't reading Harford in one of those publications, or in his new book, do so. Fascinating stuff, and I'm not even the economist around here. William


2/02/2006 Add a comment

This is the new search engine the government is proposing. Be sure to read the mission, privacy policy, and required search syntax.

(Thanks for the link, John!) ben


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Far more recent internet phenomenon, but it might have slipped through the cracks: it's the Two Chinese Boys doing "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys. This is why the Army made the internet, I'm told. Also, many more of their songs are available on that site (see the list to the right). ben


2/01/2006 Add a comment

but The Official Ninja Webpage isn't bad. William


  1. Blogger ben: yeah, not bad at 2001! Get with the times, Will! This has spawned it's own book, and millions of funny parodies, parodies, and even parodies of parodies. 2/01/2006  
  2. Blogger William: wow. i am so humbled. how had i not seen this before? what else have i not seen? 2/02/2006