1/10/2006 Add a comment

It would have taken you ages to lay out all the newspapers from the last 20 years on the ground, cut out each strip, then cut out each frame, then mix them all up in a large bucket, to produce something as brilliant as the random Garfield comic generator. Genius.

I want them to make one for "Cathy," which was always my least favorite strip (most likely because I couldn't relate to an overweight 40 year old spinster-in-training). Then you could see which randomly drawn strip maximized the number of punctuation and sweat/stress marks in three frames. For instance, I count 13 in yesterday's strip alone. Also, it looks like she's finally gotten married. ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: It just needs a permalink button to let you save your favorites and send them to your friends. 1/11/2006