12/02/2005 Add a comment

Now this I have to see: Likely Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush's high school football highlight video, which, rumor has it, convinced top programs to offer him a scholarship on the spot.

I did a quick google search but it turned up empty. This video has to be on the web someplace. Someone please find this video online and put a link to it in the comments! ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: While I was watching the 49er-Cardinals game (goddamnit my new home team sucks), they showed several high school clips of Alex Smith throwing to his teammate Bush. All completions, of course. -vinny 12/06/2005  
  2. Blogger Vanwall: It's available on the ESPN website in their Motion section. Right now there's a direct link on the Main Page story about Bush, but I can't link directly. 12/10/2005