11/27/2005 Add a comment

Indeed it is. The war of words between Kazaki officials and Ali G, a.k.a. Borat, a.k.a. Sacha Baron Cohen, heats up. In an appearance at the MTV Europe Music Awards, (click on "I am an MTVe Superstar!" on Borat's website for the clip), Borat talks about shooting dogs for fun and not allowing his wife to leave the house.

Why does the Kazaki government get into this argument when they know they'll lose and will end up looking stupid and bringing even more bad press to their country? The Kazaks called the appearance "a concoction of bad taste and ill manners". Now Borat responds with "I like to state, I have no connection with Mr Cohen and fully support my government's position to sue this Jew."

Brilliant, as always. I need to watch season 2 of the Ali G show...it's slowly climbing up my netflix queue. Also, take a look at Borat's website from the link above for clips from the shows and other weirdness. ben


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