6/24/2005 Add a comment

Based on the suggestion of his niece, the director of community relations for the Kansas City T-Bones (and Bill Veeck wannabe) has created a monster:

The first two innings of the game between the T-Bones and the Schaumburg Flyers will be played on X-box and projected onto the outfield scoreboard. Then the next seven innings will be played as a continuation of the "virtual" game.

Is this an exhibition game? No. Do the statistics count from the first two innings? It's unclear. What if a player gets hurt in the video game, or gets hit by a pitch and has to leave the game? Do they have to hit him with a baseball and bench him to make the last seven innings realistic? This promotion has opened up a can of worms, blurring the line between video games and reality. Thank you, six-year-old girl. ben