4/15/2005 Add a comment

What an amazing story, largely suppressed by the big media outlets: Falcons QB Michael Vick has been charged in a civil suit with giving a woman he was dating herpes. And that he has, on at least one occasion, used the pseudonym "Ron Mexico". Needless to say, the real, herpes-free Ron Mexico isn't too thrilled about the media attention.

What was the NFL's response? They've block purchases of Atlanta jerseys on their website that say MEXICO on the back.

And of course, it only took a couple of days before RonMexico.com opened, with a full line of related t-shirts, and links to getting free condoms over the internet. It's become the one-stop clearinghouse of Ron Mexico-related news.

Also, I started this post with a dirty James Taylor verse (see the title), but I changed it, you know, for all the kids out there who read SnapCulture. Also, jokes referring to the "Michael Vick Experience" Nike ad campaign have been purged. But you can guess what they were like. Of course, Vick is innocent until proven guilty, but he hasn't been quick to deny the accusation. More on this as it develops. ben