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...if the price is right and you rent at least three former players.

Beloved championship teams from the past are incorporating in order to sell autographs, memorabilia, etc. With the 20th anniversary of the Bears' Super Bowl victory engendering all kinds of nostalgia next season while the current product flops in the NFC North in the face of the mighty Packers, the team has organized itself into a promotional collective. Pretty good deal if you were a backup tight end who spent the entire `85 season on injured reserve, and you can still cash in with public appearances at golf outings and such. William


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: Steve Fuller, Emery Moorehead, and Dennis Gentry? 4/19/2005  
  2. Blogger ben: damn these finals, i was going to post this last friday when i first heard about it. i think i'll take maury buford, matt suhey, and my uncle, tyrone keys. 4/19/2005