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Foto: DivulgaçãoI guess it was only a matter of time. Seven or eight top European soccer clubs are interested in a Nine Year Old kid from Brazil. Jean Carlos Chera, 4-foot-6, 77 pounds, is apparently quite the soccer player. He's been tearing up the 13-14 leagues. Aside from the slight height and weight disadvantages if he plays in Europe, he definitely needs a cooler name. Like Ronaldinhoinho, a.k.a. little Ronaldinho. though from the photo i'm guessing he'll be more like Kakinho, a.k.a. little Kaka. Let's see which happens first, he hits puberty or becomes a millionaire.

Man, if only I could invest in stuff like this kid. I would have put lots of money on Michelle Wie 5 years ago, money on Freddy Adu about 5 years ago too, money on Kevin Garnett before them...I'd be loaded. Except that I'd be broke from putting it all on Ronnie Fields...damn...

*Update* According to this soccer website, JC Chera goes by the name Anderson. Hmm, maybe he's Norweigan. Not nearly as cool as Kakinho. I can't find the damn video anywhere... ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: the J.C. Chera video can be found at:


    and alternatively, here:


    this kid kicks ass...

  2. Blogger ben: holy crap that kid is amazing. I love the fact that it's his team that made the video as a marketing ploy. And the music is entertaining, the overtones to him being "the savior" are I believe obvious. I think I liked the flick over the defender's head, then running half the field and burning the keeper the best. Or maybe the one where he dribbled the ball into the net. Incredible ball control and shot accuracy. 1/30/2005  
  3. Blogger William: I love his pro-level celebrations, including the one of the kid shining his shoe. 1/30/2005  
  4. Anonymous Anonymous: Check the blog about this phenomenon kid


    Video can be seen here too...

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