12/01/2004 Add a comment

Think the performance-enhancing scandals in baseball are bad? It's gotten so out of control in Italian soccer that Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini at the Vatican wants answers. Who knew that the players at Juventus of Turin (one of the best soccer teams in the world) were taking drugs like EPO? Note that creatine is a legal substance in Italy, and has been such a force in the game that one of the most prominent coaches said that "Italian football needed to get out of the pharmacy."

Get out the tape-measures and measure those craniums! Of course nothing will happen to any of the players on those championship teams, although one of the team doctors has been sentenced to 22 months in prison. More on this story as it develops, it's probably a preview of what will happen with the BALCO / Barry Bonds case here. A slap on the wrist to the people who have benefitted the most. ben