10/16/2004 Add a comment

If you watch only one more thing this Presidential campaign, be sure to watch Jon Stewart's appearance on Crossfire. This link has the full 13 minute clip. Stewart takes Begala and Carlson to task for lowering the bar on political discourse, Tucker calls him "unfunny" and says "I wouldn't want to come over to your house for dinner", to which Stewart replies, "You won't". He also calls Crossfire "theater" and says that Tucker Carlson is a "dick on this show and anywhere else he is", or something like that (it's around the 12:15 mark, tough to hear but listen closely).

Fantastic stuff. Jon Stewart is completely right, and it takes balls to go on that show and tell those guys off to their faces. If I wasn't getting paid to learn, I'd drop everything and try to get a job with the Daily Show. ben