10/16/2004 Add a comment

Ten years after My So-Called Life debuted on ABC and was quickly cancelled, ABC seems to be trying to make up for it with their new teen drama, Life As We Know It. The Boston Globe calls it a male-oriented version of MSCL, for starters. And not only do we have the similar names, but check out the show logos. I can't find an uploadable image of the Life As We Know It logo, but click here for lots of examples. And then click here for the MSCL logo. Similar font, same white lettering, same blocking, everything. Coincidence? I think not, especially since Entertainment Weekly just published an article lamenting the premature demise of the show. My theory? ABC is repenting for the tragic cancellation of the Claire Danes teen drama by pushing this dreck. Well, it won't work, ABC! You're still not forgiven! I want to know what would have happened with the letter!

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