10/19/2004 Add a comment

I'm sorry, but saying that the young vote is evenly divided between Kerry and Bush is a joke. First, current polling has the gap at TEN POINTS, Kerry 52, Bush 42. Second, no homes with cell phones as their main numbers are being contacted for polling, which has to be skewing the under-30 vote somehow. If half of young people think Bush is going to institute a draft, and only 8 percent think Kerry will, how is this evenly split? Come on CNN, at least try to tell a story that isn't a "nation evenly divided" load of crap. ben


  1. Blogger Gretchen: This is one of the things I most despise about our current media. The quest for objectivity does not mean that we should balance both sides of the story. Sometimes, there are facts. There are actual physical facts--and those need to get covered. Todd Gitlin documented a whole history of anti-Vietnam protests with hundreds of thousands of people, being covered in the New York Times as one side of an evenly split story. The fifteen pro-war demonstrators got equal time as the masses on the other side. This is utterly ridiculous and it has nothing to do with objectivity. And in this current election year cycle, I want the media to do a better job of speaking truth to power. During the debates, it was impossible for both Kerry and Bush to have been telling the truth about Iraq, financial support to the troops, the cost of Medicaid. So why won't the media step up and say, "He's wrong. He lied."? It's an abdication of responsibility in the name of "objectivity" and it makes me ill. 10/20/2004