10/06/2004 Add a comment

LeBron James is a new father. What is up with athletes fathering kids so early (and, usually, so often) in their careers? Did LeBron miss the "Welcome-to-the-NBA-don't-knock-someone-up" class? He isn't even 20 years old! Wait a little bit! Enjoy your young, rich life! Don't settle down until you've finished sewing your wild oats! Kobe learned this the hard way. Perhaps LeBron and the baby and the baby's mama (a long-time girlfriend, though, really, how long-time can she be if they're only 19?) will live a perfectly normal, well-adjusted life. But history for young men in LeBron's situation isn't on his side. (Read: Shawn Kemp)



  1. Blogger ben: Clearly whoever has been teaching the "don't knock anyone up" class to NBA rookies has failed for the last, oh, 40 years. From Wilt to Dr. J to Kemp and now LeBron, there's quite a storied history of baby mama drama. Maybe the NBA is trying the old Republican standby, abstinence education. ha!

    And LeBron's quote about this being "a wonderful opportunity in life" is priceless. Give me a break. Seeing the Eiffel Tower when you're 19 is a wonderful opportunity. Having a kid isn't.
  2. Blogger Gretchen: There was a great article several years ago in the Post about a young basketball player recruited straight out of high school. He was having lots of difficulties adjusting to his new, rich, grown-up life. The article pointed out that while the NFL does an excellent boot camp for its athletes (the wear-a-condom-don't-get-girls-pregnant-keep-your-money-in-the-bank lectures were apparently a big hit), and while MLB tends to have older athletes who have gone through college and the minor leagues, the NBA has very young athletes with very little training--apparently, their classes aren't as interesting as the NFL classes. 10/07/2004