9/30/2004 Add a comment

I appreciated this list (a few graphs down) of potential names for the new DC baseball team. "Snakeheads" is a great idea, because those fish are quite scary. But the "Filibusters (Busters)" and "Federals (Feds)" have comic value, along with cute nicknames. Maybe they could get real Feds to come to games as mascots!

It all reminds me of when my elementary school, Glover Elementary, picked a new school team name in a schoolwide ballot. I think "Globetrotters" won, but my favorite choice was the "Gobstoppers".


  1. Blogger Gretchen: I vote for the snakeheads! If Wisconsin can have cheeseheads, think of the exciting possibilities for snakehead hats. 9/30/2004  
  2. Blogger ben: Best name I've heard is the Washington Grays (it's on the list), which would pay much-deserved and much-overlooked homage to the Negro Leagues. Plus they had really cool uniforms and hats, which would make the team popular before it even exists! 9/30/2004  
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