9/15/2004 Add a comment

So, have you read about New Orleans and Ivan? Rarely has a factual news article sounded so much like a Hollywood film pitch. I quote: "You're talking about the loss of a major metropolitain area." "50,000 people could drown." "By evening, the city's few escape routes were spectacularly clogged." "The stranded will not be able to turn to the Red Cross, because New Orleans is the only city in which the relief agency refuses to set up emergency storm shelters, to ensure the safety of it's own staff. Even if a 30-foot-high wall of water crashes through the French Quarter...stranded residents will be on their own."

Click here to read more, including perhaps a unique instance of an American city manager comparing his metropolis with Bangladesh. All it takes is a little water, folks, just a little extra water....


  1. Blogger ben: (cue movie-guy voice:)
    In a town where the sea walls are never high enough, In a town where the bums are never drunk enough, and a town where "hurricanes" used to just be highly alcoholic frozen drinks in bong-like plastic cups,

    Ivan and the Big Easy

    Coming soon to a theater near you.
  2. Blogger pam: 'Tis too, too true.

    I recently returned to my home in New Orleans, to a beautiful blue-skied day. Two days ago my boyfriend and I were in my car for seven and a half hours. To go 75 miles. Because of this city's poor planning. (Why, make all of the lanes of the interstate go *out* of town? What a brilliant idea! But let's not do it until ten hours after the mayor tells everyone to get the hell out. Am I bitter? Do I sound bitter?)

    Now, this is a great town. But whose bright idea was it to build a city BELOW SEA LEVEL...on top of a SWAMP?

    (guess it's my own fault for living here anyway.)