9/20/2004 Add a comment

New York Times writer Rick Lyman has the Dick Cheney campaign beat, but the Veep steadfastly refuses to let Lyman (and his two immediate predecessors) have a seat on Air Force Two as Cheney travels the country leveling wild accusations about John Kerry. There is a slight tables-turning argument, which the Cheney camp uses: there are limited seats, the NYT was late getting its name on the list, it's not personal, etc. And Lyman/NYT sound a little whiny. But still, the most influential newspaper, and perhaps news organization, in the country should probably get a seat, if only for Cheney's own benefit. The NYT coverage might piss you off, Dick, but it's better than pissing them off. Oh, well. If they don't learn one of the top PR rules (Never anger anyone who buys ink by the barrel!), that's their loss. William