9/30/2004 Add a comment

Apparently, Mr. Darcy (from Pride and Prejudice, for those of you not completely obsessed with the books of Jane Austen) is the fictional character most women would like to date. How dare all of these women try to steal my literary boyfriend! But Cherry Potter, writing in the Guardian, thinks we're all crazy anyway. "The fact is that dark, smouldering, moody, charismatic, arrogant Darcy types, whom we hate at first sight and then later find ourselves falling in love with, often - particularly after we have married them - turn out to be rigid, dominating and controlling," she argues. But what she doesn't get is that these characteristics are exactly why Mr. Darcy is my literary boyfriend, not my real-life boyfriend. That's the point of reading, after all--to be able to live different lives, imagine ourselves differently. And besides, Colin Firth is dreamy. (Thanks to Bookslut for the link.)