9/29/2004 Add a comment

The LA Times has a piece today which details what Kobe Bryant told police during the questioning when he was accused of rape. Specifically he talks about how Shaq would pay up to a million dollars to women to not say anything in "situations like this".

Needless to say, Shaq is none too thrilled about these allegations, or the fact that his name would come up in a criminal investigation like Kobe's. Shaq's comments are not yet online, but he says something to the effect of "I'm not the one who pays for love. He's the one paying for love" (I heard the quote on SportsCenter, so I'm paraphrasing here).

What a low blow by Kobe. I'm sure many NBA players are going to be gunning for him for slurring a teammate like Shaq, especially given the level of respect Shaq has in the league. Shaq's Miami Heat face the Lakers for the first time on Christmas Day. Looks like Santa's bringing a pissed-off seven-footer to the Staples Center. ben


  1. Blogger ben: I beat ESPN to this one by a few hours...here's their story with the actual Shaq quote:

    "I'm not the one buying love. He's the one buying love."