9/17/2004 Add a comment

So when does "reality tv" get the farthest from reality? It's not when people eat horse rectum or marry someone they just met or spend several weeks playing a game with little or no rules. It's when Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston get involved. Bravo will air a show called "Being Bobby Brown" next year, and it will follow the couple around as they probably do drugs (Whitney: "Crack is whack!"), ignore their children, and beat each other up. William


  1. Blogger ben: Apparently Britney is covering "My prerogative" on her next album, or it's her next video, or something. I can tell you what will happen next: Christina Aguilera will cover "Don't Be Cruel" and then, if we're lucky, Jessica Simpson will cover the "Ghostbusters 2" Song. Too hot to handle, to cold to hold... 9/21/2004