11/21/2003 Add a comment

Law School Culture: As a law school student, I've discovered an entire new world of legal blogs. (Run now, while you still can.) For those intrigued by this strange and slightly odd world, here are some great blogs I've found. Three Years of Hell [to become the devil] is a law student who has an entertainingly skewed perspective on the indoctrination of becoming a lawyer; he's also entertainingly political, though not to my liking! Stay of Execution is the story of a lawyer in a financial practice in Maine. Skip the discussions of bankruptcy and look for the moral qualms and the sailing stories. One of the big ones is, of course, Professor Volokh at UCLA, but I'm not so in to him--I'm much more entertained by this Harvard blog and The Serious Law Student. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Donnybrook, written by my friend Nick and launched last night. Here's the thing about all of these blogs: in an effort to tell you about what it's like to be a lawyer, they manage to up the mystique of the entire legal profession. Read any of these and tell me if you don't feel slightly nauseated by the sheer levels of legal obsession going on. I'll tell you a secret: it's not that hard. Law school thrives in part on the drama surrounding it--the stories of late nights, awful briefs, opaque torts reading, res judicata, the infamous 1L and The Paper Chase. But cut out the chaff and what you have is a hyperlogical system for writing and arguing about common problems. And that's not that hard. Most of the time. Right?

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