8/11/2004 Add a comment

I'm not sure how I hadn't seen this before: McSweeney's has a page where Michael Ian Black has posted a few hilarious articles. Mostly writing on the topic of celebrity, but also on the important topic of eating babies, Black (best known for work on NBC's "Ed" and "I love the 70s" and "I love the 80s" and probably "I love the 90s" on VH1) will likely have you laughing out loud. Damn funny guy. I wish there were more posts on there. ben


  1. Blogger William: Even better is Winnie the Pooh is my co-worker on the McSweeney's home page. 8/12/2004  
  2. Anonymous Anonymous: what's up ben! man, i really don't think michael ian black is funny. i gave those articles the old college try, but i just feel like he is really predictable. check this out though, pretty funny:
    http://kintera.sitestream.com/ferrell_qt_hi.mov -- brandon