4/29/2004 Add a comment

Ack! The scary fish is back! And you can read all about it in this story by my good friend Dave Fahrenthold. It can grow to almost 4 feet long and you could meet it on your morning run or evening stroll because this fish walks. Now all that is scary, but the reason the scary fish, aka, snakehead, sends a shiver up my spine is because we Washingtonians were first introduced to them in a singularly scary year. There was anthrax, we invaded Afghanistan, there were snipers, and not too long after, SARS. If you happened to be in Loudoun county, there was also malaria and West Nile Virus. And in the middle of it all, a non-native fish that could climb out of a pond when it had eaten all the littler fish and walk to the next one to keep on feasting.

People are scary. But nature fiddled with by people is even scarier. Barbara Martinez