2/11/2004 Add a comment

I saw Conan O'Brian's first show in Toronto this morning and I have to say that I have mixed feelings. I’m proud that he picked Toronto and there are tons of great Torontian/Canadian guest for him to draw on for a week or so (i.e. Mike Myers last night). His jokes were great and he acknowledged the whole stereotype as a crutch problem, while making some great (and surprisingly insightful) Canadian stereotype jokes. When he was playing around with Tie Domie and a bunch of third line leafs, I honestly thought his life was at stake.

My problem was the audience, which proceeded to burst into hysterical applause and whooping every time something--anything--related to Canada and Toronto was mentioned. Not only did this interrupt the flow of the show, but it also made Canadians seem so desperate and needy. The media also seems to be playing this up into a bigger deal than it is. A quick google news search shows about 140 stories on it. The Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail both have about 20 articles. That's the equivalent of the Post and Times doing a investigative report of on David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue for a career in movies-who knows maybe they did.