1/27/2004 Add a comment

I call it "The Yuppie Perfecta":

Atlantic Monthly

The New Yorker


The New York Times Magazine

Read these regularly and you'll have your finger on the pulse of what educated America is concerned with, or making fun of, or reading, or listening to, or thumbing their noses at. Each has added more material to their web sites in recent years, making it even easier to get access to some of the best journalistic work around. Harper's for some reason was the least web-friendly, despite being the cheapest for a year's subscription. The NYT Magazine wins the most web-friendly award, as far as I can tell everything's online except for the ads. Right now I subscribe to the Atlantic (X-mas present from Meghan...thanks!) and the New Yorker ($25 a year student deal...can't beat that) and read the NYT Mag online weekly. They sure makes for good study-break reading, and they feed the effete east-coast liberal snob side of me.

By the way, according to Ian, anyone can call up and ask for the New Yorker student discount, no proof of being a "student" required. But, uh, you didn't hear that from me. ben