12/11/2003 Add a comment

Snap Judgment: I agree with Gretchen that there are other considerations besides money that go into a player's decision to sign with a team. But let's review these cases:
1) Pettite's "home team" WAS the Yankees, for his entire career. And he is set to make over 10 million dollars a year from the Astros, more money that the Yankees offered until a last-ditch effort last night. He ignored their pleading to jump ship to the Astros, closer to his family's "home", but certainly not his home team.

2) Schilling is going to be making 25.5 million from the Red Sox over the next two years. And who is Schilling's home team, anyways? The Phillies, the team he played most of the 90's with? He left them in favor of more money (and a legitimate World Series shot, granted, which he got in Arizona) then, and he's leaving the D-Backs now in favor of the combination of more money and a better team yet again.

As much as the media wants to paint these guys as making decisions based on non-monetary factors, the money seems to still speak for itself. But that's just this cynic's take. ben