12/08/2003 Add a comment

Hm, I just read the Globe article Will posted below about the new book about Harvard employees. Granted, I have not read it, but it sounds like a very one-sided book. Perhaps I'm ignorant, but I don't think Harvard workers "disappeared" or were "invisible" to me. I had conversations with the workers in the dining hall, I greeted the people sweeping the steps or doing other yard work when I passed them. We cleaned our own rooms, and when our bathroom was cleaned once a month, if that, we greeted and were kind to the people who came to do it. Maybe we should have cleaned our own bathrooms? I would have done it if it meant lower tuition, but then some people wouldn't have had jobs at all. According to this interpretation, were we supposed to socialize with Harvard workers in order to make their position more acceptable? I guess I'll have to read the book. Barbara Martinez