11/04/2003 Add a comment

Turning it over to me for sports and weather,

Two quick sports thoughts:
1) The Big East is going to be amazing starting in 2005. Already one of the top basketball conferences (Syracuse, Connecticut, St. John's, Georgetown, the list goes on), they are adding perennial tourney qualifiers Cincinatti, Louisville, and Marquette, along with solid DePaul and up-and-coming University of South Florida (you think I'm kidding). Importantly, this will give other Big East teams a shot to recruit in Chicago, Louisville, and other parts of the midwest where they might have had a tough time wooing and visiting players during the season. Now a trip to ML King, Peoria Manual, or some Louisville high school won't be so far out of the way. I expect this move to crowd out some very good mid-major teams, as the NCAA tournament committee will have to look 8, 9, or 10 deep in the Big East alone.

2) Andy Roddick is getting his own reality show. It should be fun to watch, provided it isn't just "Tuesday I played Rainer Shuettler in Dubai", he stays healthy (who wants to watch a show about rehabbing tennis elbow?) and he can keep Mandy Moore involved. She's easy on the eyes, and if she's anything like Jessica Simpson, then this show will have it all. Let's hope he doesn't screw up that relationship before next summer. ben