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That title has a nice ring to it...so who is it? David Stern? MJ? Phil Knight? Granville Waiters? No, no, no. According to a new article in GQ, it's William Wesley, known simply as Wes, who is the behind-the-scenes master of all things basketball. He's in good with MJ, Lebron, Nike, Reebok, the high school and AAU camps, college coaches, and all the way up to the top. I highly recommend dealing with the click-throughs and reading the whole damn thing.

I've been following the story of Wes since I found out about him on TrueHoop, which I've been reading since before it was cool. Henry Abbott interviews the author of the GQ piece, and has an entire thread dedicated to the sport of figuring out what, exactly, William Wesley does.

Also, don't confuse Mr. Wesley with Wesley Willis or Wes Mantooth. Finally, in other news, this is the 1000th post to snapculture. Hooray for round numbers!

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