4/18/2007 Add a comment

about the film Mystery Men. What did you think of it? This review from my beloved "Year of Flops" series by Nathan Rabin (and the extensive comments) make me want to see it again, and check out the deleted scenes. I saw it on video a few years after it came out, and I think it is wholly uneven but had some great moments. I put it in a similar category to the Cable Guy, it was inconsistent and strange and weirded some people out enough to drive them away from watching it. The Cable Guy is way better though, by a long shot.

So what's your take? Fiasco, Secret Success, Failure, or "Insufficiently Awesome"? ben


  1. Blogger Lucas Southworth: Check out the Cable Guy again because it's actually a very tight movie. The last scene may go on a little long, but other than that, there's almost no misstep. The strangest thing about it, and the reason why you may rememeber it as uneven, is that the movie allows itself to settle into its key scenes, and because of that they seem to be longer than they actually are. Also the jokes are so weird and discomforting it's hard for the viewer lose himself in the movie. This quality gives the scenes a feeling of length when they actually aren't long at all. It's brillant that way. 4/28/2007