8/25/2006 Add a comment

Wet n Wild I came across this list of the top ten waterparks in the country, and was immediately transported to when I went to the legendary Wet 'n Wild park in Orlando in high school. Pictured is the Bomb Bay, where the floor drops out of the spaceship and you shoot 75 feet straight down. For a while you aren't even touching the tube. At the bottom you pick yourself up out of the water, then pick your wedgie out and get back in line.

Damn, I need a vacation. Preferably one involving waterslides. ben


  1. Anonymous Anonymous: I don't remember that ride being there when we went in high school. Either that or I didn't have the guts to ride it.

  2. Blogger ben: i definitely went on it. i think it was red, and the portal was on the side instead of the front. they've since rebuilt it, i think. and we stood around the bottom and laughed at people who had horrible wedgies.

    kevin also reminded me that bob saget was there that day with his kids, if that helps jog your memory.
  3. Anonymous Anonymous: I remember Saget. 8/28/2006