5/03/2006 Add a comment

Steven Colbert is a god. If you haven't seen his unbelievable appearance at the correspondents' dinner, it's here.

I can't believe pundits are saying he bombed or fell flat. See the discussions on the Times and Post. Of course the audience there didn't like it, he was ripping them all new assholes! Only Scalia seemed to truly appreciate being made fun of, which is too bad because I still can't stand him.

The exact same thing goes at the Academy Awards, where I thought Chris Rock and Jon Stewart each did a great job tearing into the Hollywood elite. But of course people there didn't appreciate it, so watching it at home, it looks like he's bombing to the audience. Meanwhile i'm laughing hysterically.

If you tell the president he's an incompentent pile of crap and the president doesn't laugh, does that mean you're not funny? Of course not. Someone needs to explain this to the media. Don't expect the people being smacked to enjoy themselves. They're too self-absorbed to realize when jokes made about them are funny. Colbert's material wasn't for their amusement, it was for ours. ben