12/03/2004 Add a comment

Not much time to post, but several interesting things caught my eye.

So Barry Bonds has been juicing up. All signs were pointing in that direction with big flashing arrows. What does this do for his legacy, and for his potential final home run total of 756+?

Sam Smith, the Chicago Tribune/ESPN scribe and chronicler of Michael Jordan's days in "The Jordan Rules," writes a long piece, somewhat behind-the-scenes, about how the Bulls dynasty unraveled, including several moves they could have made or made too prematurely. How about a starting five of Tracy McGrady, Elton Brand, Brad Miller, Ron Artest and Jamal Crawford? Think that team could be competitive? Nevertheless, the Bulls are still profitable, according to Darren Rovell, who I think is one of the underrated reporters on ESPN's roster.

Finally, the sad outsourcing story of the Schwinn bicycle. It's now made in China and shipped to Wal-Marts. Remember when a brand-new Schwinn was the ultimate prize on kiddie gameshows like "I'm Telling" and "Finders Keepers"? William