12/12/2004 Add a comment

If the Kobe / Shaq argument has been waning over the last few weeks, the Kobe / Karl feud is just heating up. Apparently Malone hit on Kobe's wife. Although my take on the conversation is that Vanessa Bryant started it with the question posed in the title of the post. Karl's response "I'm hunting for little Mexican girls" seems like the only appropriate answer to that question if you ask me.

Malone says he didn't mean anything by it. But Kobe won't accept that apology, saying that it wasn't a misunderstanding. All this after Karl said he wouldn't return to the Lakers because Kobe said he didn't think he would return, whatever that was all about. Maybe it was about the supposed pass at his wife. The NBA, it's FANNNNN-tastic! ben


  1. Blogger Sam: Is Vanessa Mexican? 12/13/2004  
  2. Blogger William: I don't believe so. I think Karl just had little Mexican girls on the brain. Like we all do, all the time. 12/14/2004