11/04/2004 Add a comment

We here at Snap Culture are sorry about not posting much these last few days. But with this whole election thing wrapped up, here are some leftovers from the last few days that are worth checking out:

* What the hell happened in Ohio? And where do the Dems go from here?

* The Daily Show's Election Day Blog. Quite funny in parts.

* Chicago Tribune's Ellen Warren blogged from The Daily Show's post-election-night-show party.

* Not satisfied with Jon Stewart's appearance, "Crossfire" had Triumph the Insult Comic Dog on their show recently.

* Washington Post readers pen odes to Election Day in verse.

* The Post's Gene Weingarten pens two of the best things I've read in a while--a profile of a non-voter and an op-ed about voting that is possibly the most touching thing I've read in a long time. He discusses the two articles here and here, respectively.

* Finally did you see the photo below? Is that symbolic of the state of our country? Yikes! 20 injured.