10/15/2004 Add a comment

Snapculture is proud to bring you the second in an occasional series of tales from the blogverse, a snapshot of blogs and webpages I'm reading on any given theme. Today, CelebritySnark! What is snark, you ask? Heidi Julavits [in]famously defined it in the inaugural edition of The Believer as "an opportunity for a critic to strive for humor, and to appear funny and smart and a little bit bitchy, without attempting to espouse any higher ideals." The brilliant Television Without Pity describes it as sarcastic commentary. Whatever it is, it's hilarious and it's all over the Internet.

Fametracker does it best, with features on different celebs and biting, often cruel, always funny forums posting the latest paparazzi photos of "Downward Spiral Britney" (note that there are over 750 pages of Britney commentary!), analysis of whether Sarah Michelle Gellar's lovey-dovey photos with The Grudge co-star Jason Behr mean that they're more than friends, and perennial critiques of J-Lo, Gwyneth, and Jennifer Garner.

But it doesn't stop with Fametracker. Go Fug Yourself is a daily dose of reality in the midst of celebrity overload. It's best when critiquing celebrity fashion choices, but is also pretty entertaining for bad celebrity photos. Snarkywood posts longer, often-chronological accounts of celebrities and their fashion mishaps. And then, of course, there's Defamer.

If you've got any additions to this list, post it in the comments!