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Nothing quite like listening to two guys who each make over 10 million dollars a year bicker about who's going to pick up the check. But that's what Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield seem to be arguing about. Oh, and that whole steroids issue as well. Maybe that's why they're so angry. Some choice quotes:

-Soon after Sheffield arrived in San Francisco, the friendship between him and Bonds began to sour. Bonds insisted that Sheffield stay at his house and not rent a car. He insisted that Sheffield not pay for anything, though Sheffield did bring his personal chef. "I'm not a child. I make $11 million. I can buy what I want."

-"I was going to pay for the plane, the flight, pay for the limo service, the hotel," Sheffield says. "He gets my mail. He looks in my mail and sees he can get better seats, so he gets better seats. He can get a better flight, so he gets a better flight. He can get a better limo service. And he can get a better hotel. So basically my plan, in trying to do something in return, he wound up doing it. And [that sort of behavior] just escalated."

-"He complained the whole drive," Sheffield says. "'Man, I could have drove. We would have gotten there a lot faster.' The whole time. And I'm saying to myself, Never again. Never again."

-Sheffield flew home to Florida with his [personal] chef. The chef told him, "Gary, I want to confess something. [Bonds] made an offer to hire me: He'll get me a car, give me a place to stay and pay off my student loan."

Great stuff on Bonds's kiss-ass inner circle, and how even when you make 11 million dollars a year, your friends will still treat you like crap. If I could think any less of Barry Bonds, I would. ben


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